Pipeline Buoyancy and Submergence Weighting Calculator


The aim of Pipeline Buoyancy Calculator is to determine the stability of the pipeline and the level of submergence weighting required for negative buoyancy control while the pipeline passes through water course crossings. It is an helpful tool for all Pipeline Engineers, Pipeline Consultants & EPC Contractors.


The method used to determine the stability of the pipeline through water courses is to calculate the total weight of the pipeline and compare it with the weight of the external fluid (slurry) it would displace. In order for the pipeline to be considered stable, the pipeline weight must be 20% greater than the weight of the water displaced.
The above method is overly conservative as it considers a pipeline free floating in water. In reality the pipeline lays in a trench covered by soil which will provide a hold down force to prevent floatation. This force is calculated by determining the submerged weight of soil above the pipeline.